Toumani Camara’s first words in Portland: “A nice place that reminds me a little of Belgium”

2023-10-03 17:29:07

”I’ve had a bit of a crazy week. I didn’t expect it and I was a little shocked when I was told about my transfer. But I’m still in the NBA. I’m still living my dream, in a different city, and a different setting. Portland is a nice place that reminds me a bit of Belgium. The same kind of weather, and a lot of green spaces. In any case, I can’t wait to get started.”

In a few hours, everything changed for him. It went from a title-contending team with superstars like Durant, Booker and Beal, to a franchise that now has to rebuild after the departure of Damian Lillard. And within which he obviously hopes to play a role. “What can fans expect from me? That I play hard and bring energy. I can be used in several positions, offensively and defensively. Defense is my strong point. In attack, I will have to focus on getting open shots. I am a versatile player who can do the behind-the-scenes work needed to win.”


I want to put Belgium on the map.”

How much playing time will he receive? The pre-season which has just started will undoubtedly allow us to get a more precise idea of ​​coach Chauncey Billups’ expectations of him. “It’s now up to me to show what I’m capable of at this level. I now want to prove myself here and build my career. I want to make my family proud and put Belgium on the map.”

And why not see him wear the Belgian Lions jersey next summer. “Playing for the national team is very important for me. If, as an NBA player, I can bring more attention to basketball in Belgium, I certainly want to do that. There are a lot of things waiting for me now, but yes I definitely want to play for the Belgian Lions when the right time comes.”

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