“Residents Stage Sit-In Protest Against Aquatech’s Takeover of Local Borehole: Calls for Help from Entities and Officials”

2023-05-28 22:06:00

Several residents of eight villages organized a sit-in to show their disagreement with the decision of the local authorities.
Since the installation of the borehole in the locality, the residents manage the water resources themselves, regularly paying their bills and ensuring the maintenance of the installation. On May 22, local authorities, including the sub-prefect and the mayor, announced during an information session that the company Aquatech was ready to take over the operation of the borehole, causing concern among residents. .
“They are raising the bills and doing nothing but damage in all the villages where they operate,” said a representative of the protesters, referring to Aquatech “That’s why we are here to say no. We know we have a hand -competent local labor capable of properly managing our drilling.”
The demonstrators also spoke of the importance of water for the local population and challenged President Macky Sall. “We don’t want what’s happening in Korea,” the representative added, likely referring to similar water management issues there.
The population also expressed their dissatisfaction with the overcharging practiced by some companies, and called for the help of other entities, including the park and the weather. “We are calling on these entities to come and help the people,” the representative said.
The Mayor of the commune, Assane Ndiaye, was also directly challenged by the demonstrators, reminding him of the support they had given him during his candidacy. “We call on you to come to our side, because we need it,” added the representative.
Finally, the demonstrators called on Mr. Guy Marius Sagna, Member of the National Assembly, to come to their aid. “There is a thirsty population, which has managed a borehole for more than ten years, and who is ready to fight against the exploitation of our borehole by Aquatech. We say no, we say NO. If the president does not back down from its decision, we are ready to face the consequences,” the representative concluded.

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