Restaurant Table Runners: Unpaid Bills and Unacceptable Behavior Caught on Camera

2023-09-27 13:30:00

A couple of women were photographed doing the unacceptable in a restaurant in England. Used to eating at the Fisherman’s Arms in Newlyn, the two women went there once again and left running, without paying the bill!

This kind of behavior has been observed more and more recently. A great example this week from us, where a table of 21 people left without paying in an establishment in Jurbise!

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The two women had reserved the table in Bethany’s name. In images, we can see them in full discussion at the restaurant table this Monday, September 25. “Unfortunately we had two girls who left without paying the bill this evening,” a member of staff told The Sun.

The managers decided to share the images on social networks in order to find the two customers. “If anyone knows them, please help us get in touch,” the establishment wrote.

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On Facebook, Internet users suggested that the restaurant make customers pay before consumption or keep a card as security. “Isn’t it time to either keep customers’ cards behind the bar or accept payment at the time of ordering? That would put an end to all this,” comments one of them. Others were more “crude” towards the two customers, with one saying the two women seemed to be struggling to pay for many things, including shampoo. Another also called them “bums.”

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