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Los Angeles TCM physician Zheng Zhenlong talks about the key to cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment

[The Epoch Times, August 25, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Ma ShanenLos Angelesreport) fall isCardiovascular diseasesHowever, now many people not only pay insufficient attention to this high-incidence and fatal disease, but also fall into a bad lifestyle that easily induces its occurrence.Especially the uncontrolled long hours before going to bed every nightplay cell phoneis casting a shadow over the future health of more and more people.

This isLos AngelesSenior Traditional Chinese Medicine PhysicianZheng ZhenlongA worrying phenomenon observed by Mr.

last Saturday (20th) atNTD Health Exhibitionat the meeting,Zheng ZhenlongChinese medicine practitioners said: in the diagnosis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Chinese medicine and Western medicine are different. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are divided into deficiency and excess. Among the current patients, deficiency syndrome accounts for a considerable proportion. Most of those patients who have heart stents are due to deficiency syndrome, which is caused by excessive fatigue.

What is the reason for the excessive fatigue of modern people? According to Dr. Zheng’s observation, he feels that the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is increasing now, and an important reason for physical problems is the mobile phones that people often use. When you are exhausted and exhausted, your health is in trouble.”

Studies have found that using smartphones for a long time every day may bring about various health problems such as sleep disturbance, cervical and lumbar spine diseases, memory decline, emotional depression, decreased learning and self-control, addiction, and chronic fatigue.

“If everyone turns off their mobile phones, many people may recover; if they do not turn them off, many people may not be able to recover,” Dr. Zheng said. Of course, Dr. Zheng wants to emphasize that people should limit the time they use their mobile phones, don’t stay up late looking at their mobile phones, and readers should not delay necessary communication by turning off their mobile phones.

Many people may say: I am every dayplay cell phone, is it okay to play late? Dr. Zheng said that young people tend to be in good health, and the onset time will be delayed, but when they reach the age of 60, their health may be worse than those of people in their 60s now. Because they have been exposed to mobile phones from an early age, the overall exposure is longer.

In addition to the increase in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by the widespread unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy eating patterns have also contributed to the emergence of this disease.

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Many people eat a lot or even all of vegetables and fruits every day in order to keep their body slim, or they are afraid of rising cholesterol, and rarely eat meat and staple food; but to maintain human health, they also need to supplement trace elements, amino acids, minerals, etc.

Dr. Zheng said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, vegetables and fruits are cool foods. Eating a lot of cool foods and mineral water every day makes the body fall into a cold state. “Blood stasis due to cold, a large amount of cold food causes the activity of blood cells to decrease, and the mixed power of blood circulation decreases. All of our metabolism has problems, and then the blood vessels also become inflamed and proliferated.”

How to treat and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by deficiency and blood stasis?

In view of the problems of life-long medication and the side effects of drugs on the liver and kidneys caused by western medicine treatment, Dr. Zheng suggested that patients should not only take western medicine treatment. Prevention is the first, and this is the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine. Of course, if you have an emergency, you need to seek Western medicine, you must first get a stent, and it is important to save your life.

Returning to the traditional healthy lifestyle, Dr. Zheng said, returning to the principle of “living regularly and eating in moderation” advocated in “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”, and restoring the normal function of the viscera, can truly restore the cardiovascular health. ◇

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