Result Liverpool vs. Arsenal 2022 | Goals of today’s match for Premier League | SPORT-TOTAL

Nothing fazes Arsenal, the leader who sets an imposing pace in the ‘Premier League’, while overcoming challenges and litmus tests with the irrepressible ambition that he expresses on the pitch, with which he defeated Liverpool this Sunday (3-2 ), which he overtook twice, tied twice and finally overcame due to the penalty committed by Thiago Alcántara on Gabriel Jesús and converted by Bukayo Saka to retain the top of the standings for one more day.

Arsenal’s growth is formidable. Something has changed in the London team and in the Premier. They had only beaten Liverpool once in the most recent round of their fourteen meetings. This Sunday was the second time in that section, so explicit at the time of Mikel Arteta’s team, whose club has not won the English League since 2004, but is in it, in the pulse it holds with Manchester City, one point behind.

18 years have passed since that Arsenal trophy, whose present postulates him as a contender as strong as he had not been remembered for a long time at the Emirates Stadium, where he distanced Liverpool by up to 14 points, with only nine games played and with the nuance that the team led by Jurgen Klopp has one less clash. This difference is representative. The same as the 12 with which he leads Manchester United -two games less- or the eight with which he surpasses Chelsea -one duel less-.

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