Review of Kim Min-jae’s Impressive Bundesliga Debut and Team Performance

2023-08-21 22:26:00

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The German Bundesliga summarized and summarized the first round of the Bundesliga through the official website on the 21st (hereinafter Korean time) when all nine matches of the first round of the 2023-2024 season were completed.

While Harry Kane’s league debut match was cited as the biggest issue, there was also an evaluation of Kim Min-jae, who digested the league debut match together.

Kim Min-jae played as a starter in the Werder Bremen away match on the 19th and contributed to the team’s 4-0 scoreless victory.

Kim Min-jae, who formed a four-back with Alfonso Davies, Dayo Upamecano, and Nuysar Mazrawi, faced last season’s Bundesliga top scorer Niklas Fulkruq and Marvin Duchch combination. He sometimes struggled with the 189cm giant Phun Krug, but overall, his performance was good enough to receive applause.

Kim Min-jae, who played an active role for about 68 minutes before being replaced by Matheis the Ligt in the 23rd minute of the second half, took a total of 75 touches, recording a high pass success rate of 94% (68/72), 1 clearing, and 7 ball recoveries. and looked good.

In addition, he showed off his presence in the attack, including 1 shot, 2 opportunity creation, 6 passes in the attack area, and a 100% (4/4) mid-to-long-distance pass success rate.

The Bundesliga announced, “New recruits stepped on the ground. Newcomers such as Harry Kane, Royce Offenda, Thomas Tswanzara, Nathan Eunsumu, and Sven Michel scored goals, and four of them, excluding Michel, made their Bundesliga debut.” .

Riga then said, “Not only the goalkeepers, but also Kane’s new colleague Min-jae Kim was outstanding,” and “Min-jae Kim took the center of Munich’s defense and his performance was praised.”

On the other hand, on the 19th, Germany’s ‘Buld’ rated Munich players, and Kim Min-jae received a high score of 2 points. German media, including Built, give ratings from 1 to 6, and give low ratings to players who have performed well.

However, there were still people who showed a negative point of view despite this evaluation. The main character, Paul Breitner, is called the legend of Munich.

Breitner is a defender who played a legendary role in Munich and Real Madrid in the German national team. He expressed regret over the defensive combination of Upamecano and Kim Min-jae against Bremen.

In an analysis of the match against Germany’s ‘BR24’, Breitner did not mention specific players, but expressed regret that there was a problem with the team’s overall defense.

Regarding Munich’s defense at the beginning of this season, including against Bremen, Breitner noted that “we’re having a hard time predicting the opponent’s play.”

Breitner, who expressed regret about the defense, expressed anticipation, saying, “Still, there are many players with excellent classes on the team. If you play boldly and freely, you will be able to see much more interesting play.” /[email protected]

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