Top Complaints of iPhone Users: Inconveniences and Solutions Revealed

2023-08-21 20:00:00

In the midst of the phenomenon of iPhone bias in the 10s and 20s, it has been found that iPhone users feel great inconvenience in areas that Galaxy smartphone users cannot even think of. According to the related industry on the 22nd, a post titled ‘iPhone users (users) complaint number 1 problem.JPG’ recently became a hot topic in the information technology (IT) online community Pompu. Author A posted a photo of the recent call history on the iPhone and said, “If you press the wrong button on the recent call, the call will be made.” There are often cases where I throw it away and call someone else out of the blue.” At the same time, he expressed disapproval, saying, “I just scroll down to see (the list of recent calls), but if I get a little twisted, I just get a call.” In the case of Android smartphones such as Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy series, even if you click once in the recent calls list, only the other party’s phone number and call duration are inquired, but the call is not immediately connected. On the other hand, on the iPhone, even if you press it once by mistake on the phone list, you are immediately connected to the other party. All iPhone users say that they have experienced this, “I really need to fix this”, “This is really inconvenient”, “I’ve had trouble pressing the wrong one”, “I wasn’t the only one”, “I get nervous every time I press it”, “Call recording It is worse than not possible.” In addition, other inconveniences include △ unable to search contacts by initial sound △ unable to record calls △ light on due to lock screen △ unable to copy text parts △ frequent typos. [email protected] Reporter Ja-yoon Koo
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