“Revolutionizing Smartphone Cameras: BOE, Huawei, and ZTE’s Sub-Screen Camera Technology for Flexible OLED Displays”

2023-05-02 13:46:00

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The flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 was the first in the world to receive a sub-screen camera hidden under a flexible OLED display. Although this approach had some drawbacks, Samsung uses the same solution in the current Galaxy Z Fold 4 model – so far only these gadgets have cameras hidden under flexible screens. However, things may change dramatically in the near future.

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BOE, Huawei and ZTE have teamed up to create a flexible OLED display for smartphones that can fit the front camera underneath. According to reports, the display will debut in the Huawei Mate X4. Most importantly, the new development from the three Chinese companies appears to be of better quality than the variants used by Samsung in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, and does not have some of the shortcomings characteristic of these models.

According to the network informant Digital Chat Station, known for its accurate data, the new display, codenamed Q8, probably supports a resolution of 2480 × 1116 pixels, and a PWM frequency of up to 1440 Hz. According to the informant, the panel has already been shown on a Huawei device, but it is produced by BOE using ZTE technologies. The informant also published a photo of the model.

Image Source: Digital Chat Station

It is known that the quality of images taken with the under-display cameras of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaves much to be desired in comparison with traditional selfie modules. In addition, the camera unit placed under the display is visible, in some cases even with the naked eye. According to the leak, the Q8 panel does not have these issues. If this is true, in the near future there will be more and more devices with flexible screens – without round or teardrop-shaped cutouts.

For Samsung, the arrival of the Q8 OLED promises to intensify the competition, as there is no data yet to suggest that the shortcomings of OLED and cameras in current-generation flexible smartphones will be addressed by the manufacturer in the Galaxy Z Fold 5. This means that the shots may will continue to be of poor quality, and the portion of the display located above the camera will probably suffer from the “pixelation” characteristic of most models with under-screen cameras. In this case, Huawei Mate X4 may be much better than the South Korean competitor. However, even the debut of the flexible Huawei Mate X3 has not yet taken place, it is expected on May 9th.

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