Right before Ryo Yoshizawa’s starring drama broadcast! Off-shot of Radio Jack released “PICU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit”-Fuji Television Review!!

starring in the monthly drama,Ryo Yoshizawa‘s off-shot has been released.

Ryo Yoshizawa will star in “PICU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit”, which will start at 21:00 on Monday, October 10th.

Before the first episode broadcast, “Mezamashi TV』、『alarm clock 8』、『Nonstop!”, and so on, from early in the morning, I made a series of appearances on information programs.

Official Twitter of the programNow, let’s introduce the report at the Bansen site along with off-shots.

The viewers said, “I was happy to see Yoshizawa-san’s smile from the morning,” “I feel refreshed from the morning,” and “Thank you for telling me about the studio.”

In addition, before the first broadcast, a countdown video of the performers until the broadcast date has been released.

Playing the role of Yoshizawa-san and the main character’s best friendTakasugi MashuIn the countdown video of Mr.’s calm and unique tension, the official Twitter of the program posted comments such as “What kind of tension is this?” was sent a lot.

The first episode will start at 21:00 on Monday, October 10 (extended for 30 minutes for the first time).

One day, 27-year-old pediatrician Takeshiro Shikota, who was born and raised in Hokkaido, was transferred to the newly established PICU (ICU for children) at the hospital where he works. Meet Ueno Hajime, a PICU doctor. What is the reality faced by the clumsy, naive, crybaby, and inexperienced “dosanko doctor” in the harsh workplace, PICU, where children live and die?


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