Fr. skydive for the third time to help the poor. George A. Puttur

London ∙ The differently-abled Fr. George A. Puttur. In the skydive conducted by the British Malayali Charity Foundation, Fr. Fifteen people participated including George. Puthuranachan skydive for the third time in a row. From a height of 13000 feet with the helper Fr. When George jumped, Malayalis became proud. Fr is a native of Kadappana Kochra. George A. Puttur.

Gathering courage, he put on a skydiving suit and boarded the plane, but when he jumped, everyone, including his father, was scared at first. But the experience of flying through the clouds was shared with joy.

Assistant Rector of St. Mary’s Monastery in London, Fr. George doesn’t think there is any other adventure that can be done with mind and body before God like skydiving. Because everyone prepares for skydiving by seeing so much danger in front of them.

George Puthuranachan is not only a symbol of bravery. Achan’s skydiving is a reminder that age and health are not obstacles to stand in front of social service.

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