Riots and Unrest in France: Latest Updates, arrests, and aftermath

2023-07-02 06:21:05

There were riots, looting and property damage in Paris, Marseille and Lyon. More than 420 people were arrested. Overall, the situation was a bit quieter.

France is still reeling after a youth was killed by a police bullet. While the situation in some cities seemed less tense than recently, riots broke out again primarily in Paris, Marseille and Lyon. At least 427 people have been arrested nationwide, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin wrote on Twitter. Despite all this, the night was quieter “thanks to the determined action of the law enforcement officers”. The Champs Élysées in Paris, normally packed with tourists, was evacuated by a large police force using tear gas, Le Figaro reported.

Darmanin went on to say that the night was quieter “thanks to the determined action of the law enforcement officers”. Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne praised the forces: In view of the violence, they showed exemplary courage, she wrote on Twitter. 45,000 police officers and thousands of firefighters were deployed to protect order.

The situation in Marseille is tense but under control, the city administration announced in the evening. Groups formed throughout the evening to cause damage, said the Bouches-du-Rhône prefecture, according to “Le Parisien”. The police tried to disperse the people with tear gas.

In Marseille, the police presence was massively increased APA / AFP / Clement Mahoudeau

The police presence was massively increased in Marseille, Lyon and Grenoble in particular. After an armory had previously been looted in Marseille, the police were there with armored vehicles, helicopters and special troops.

The riots were triggered by the death of a youth at the hands of a police officer on Tuesday. The 17-year-old, whose family is from Algeria, was stopped by a motorcycle patrol while driving a car in Nanterre. When the young man suddenly drove off, a fatal shot fell from a police officer’s service weapon. The youth was buried on Saturday with close family. The police officer blamed for his death has been taken into custody. A manslaughter investigation was launched against him.

The young man was buried on Saturday afternoon in his hometown of Nanterre near Paris. Observers had previously feared that the funeral could pour fuel on the fire again. But in Nanterre, according to “Le Parisien”, it was quiet until midnight.

State visit, concerts, fashion shows canceled

Because of the unrest, President Macron canceled his state visit to Germany on Saturday. It would have been the first state visit by a French president to Germany in 23 years. But the domestic political situation is forcing Macron to stay in France.

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