Riots in Brussels: major traffic jams in the capital

Following the football match between the Red Devils and Morocco, riots broke out in the center of Brussels. Cars and street furniture were damaged.

The police, deployed in large numbers on the spot, ask motorists toavoid the entire Gare du Midi area.

The Porte de Hal tunnel is reopened to traffic.

STIB has suspended part of its connections. Several metro stations (Gare Centrale, De Brouckhère, Sainte-Catherine and Beekkant) have been closed and several bus and tram lines are at a standstill and/or diverted (3, 4, 25, 33, 51, 58, 59 ).

The Etangs Noirs station is closed. No metro stops at this station.

STIB traffic is restored between the central station and Barrière Saint-Gilles.

Note that trams 55 and 93 are running normally again.

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