Gameplay trailer with new tank Overwatch 2 – Ramattra

Blizzard has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Overwatch 2, showing off a fresh addition to the ranks of heroes. The omnic tank will appear starting on December 6 with the start of the second season, and in the trailer you can get acquainted with the skills and abilities, including his two forms.

Omnic is the first form of Ramattra, this is his basic configuration. The second form is Nemesis, and it boosts his armor. As a weapon, the character uses a Void accelerator that fires “projectiles” along a line. With the same weapon, he can create a barrier that can withstand even powerful attacks.

As you can see, Ramattra is designed for a fairly aggressive pace, and his ultimate ability – Annihilation, creates a swarm of nanomachines that deal damage and reduce the damage done by enemies by 50%.

It’s worth remembering that Ramattra will be the first premium hero in Overwatch 2. He won’t be available to all players. You will either have to reach tier 55 in the Battle Pass or pay for a premium pass.

In addition to the hero, a new map will appear in the second season.

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