Rising Demand for Personal Weapons in Georgia: A Response to Russian Aggression

2023-09-19 12:00:14

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the sale of personal weapons to civilians in Georgia has increased steadily. Although official figures are not available, distributors think that the strong demand It has been a kind of emotional reaction. The citizens of this country continue to fear new Russian aggression.


“It seems that people are afraid that the Russians will return. And so, supposedly, they bought weapons to protect themselves and their families,” says Alexander Lujava, founder of Excalibur Company.

The authorities are worried

Even people who had never had one in their hands have started going to specialized stores. The authorities are concerned about the situation. Last August, parliament approved an amendment to strengthen firearms control.

“The individual must provide the hunting rifle he or she owns so that a special shooting drill can be carried out in order to acquire ballistic data,” explains Imeda Makasarashvili, from the Service Agency of the Ministry of the Interior. “This change has been adopted to increase crime prevention and introduce stricter gun control procedures.

Fans, against the new controls

The most enthusiastic fans are against this measure. They maintain that the inspections will harm expensive weapons and will pose a problem for the inspectors’ own safety.

“I think it’s counterproductive,” says Otar Kishinski of the Precision Shooting Federation. “The danger is that this procedure, like performing ballistics tests, endangers the weapon and also the personnel who inspect it.”.

Another threat to personal safety is the complete absence of licensed open ranges in Georgia where shooters can train under strict control.

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