Rising Positivity Rate for Gastroenteritis: The Ongoing Epidemic and Water Crisis in Mayotte

2023-10-30 01:30:25

After a decline observed over the first two weeks of October, the number of positive samples for gastroenteritis was on the rise again last week with a positivity rate standing at 76%. “This therefore indicates that the circulation of pathogens (bacterial or viral) responsible for gastroenteritis is still active,” notes ARS Mayotte.

In the 3rd quarter of 2023, the number of boxes of anti-diarrheals sold to pharmacies by wholesalers increased by around 30% compared to the 3rd quarter of 2022.

After 2 weeks of increase observed in the first two weeks of October, the number of emergency visits for gastrointestinal disorders for children under 5 years old decreased during the week of October 16, but the activity rate nevertheless remains at a significantly higher level. higher than that observed the 3 previous years at the same period.

The positivity rate for acute gastroenteritis still on the rise

The ARS qualifies by mentioning “the low level of completeness” of this data source in recent weeks, that is to say that the information remains to be taken with a grain of salt, which “leads to vigilance when interpreting figures and trends. Furthermore, the poor access to care for part of the population, particularly those residing in precarious housing neighborhoods, “instigates caution when analyzing the health effects linked to this ongoing water crisis in the department.” . »

As we have seen, the epidemic which usually ends in September, continues this year, “the current situation of water shortage encountered in the department, coupled with a drop in the adoption of hygiene measures basic linked to the lack of water probably results in an intensity and duration of the epidemic greater than what we observed in previous years,” concludes the ARS.

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