Robotín’s Clash with Dayanita in the Circus: Behind-the-Scenes Drama Unveiled

2023-08-25 04:58:05
Robotín affirms that he can’t stand Dayanita’s attitude in the circus | shows

He couldn’t take it anymore. The comedian Alan Castillo, best known for his likeable character ‘Robotín’ announced the latest performance of ‘El Circo de las Estrellas’, encouraging his followers to join this closing that promises surprises. However, during his interview on the “+ Shows” program, the comedian also shared that this conclusion marks the end of his collaboration with Dayanita. What was the motive behind this?

Likewise, the artist stressed the importance of maintaining a professional image and appearing to have a cordial relationship on stage with the former member of ‘JB en ATV’. However, during his intervention with the drivers, he openly expressed the discomfort he experienced working with the influencer. Even Robotina’s ex-partner raised her arm as a gesture of celebration after ending this stage of labor collaboration.

“I will never see Dayana again. I really don’t get along with her very well. For work we are like this, but no. There no more, daughter. She also does her little things with me, ”said the comedian at the beginning, while interacting with the drivers of ‘+ Shows’.

At all times the artist mentioned that it was not a joke, as many speculated.

Robotín comments that he plans to leave the character for a health issue. (Photo: Instagram)

It is for this reason that Alan Castillo affirmed that the professional work of both on stage was one thing, and another is the friendship that did not exist. “We have gotten along very well because of work and today it ends and I hope I never see her. It’s not a joke, but for work and professionalism we are there. We shake hands, but nothing more, ”he said.

On the other hand, the comic actor mentioned that the final show of his circus ‘El Circo de las Estrellas’ will be this August 22 and that he invited everyone to close this show with two shows.

“Today is the last day of the circus But I have some spectacular news Just for today because we are leaving the general admission, today we leave it for 10 nuevos soles, 10 ‘luquitas’ so that they don’t miss the show, we are at the Mall Bella Vista Square. Today we have the last two performances at 5:30 and 8:30 at night and we’re leaving, ”he commented on his circus performance.

The circus of the stars: Peruanidad. (Photo: Instagram)

Recently, on the YouTube channel “Tú Quieres Show”, Dayanita explained that her conflict with the comedian began due to an intense discussion they had. This arose as a result of her not being able to attend an event where she was supposed to be invited by Robotín. “What happens is that he invited me to a show, before the pandemic started (…) due to the recording of the program (JB on ATV), I couldn’t get to the show and they blew up my phone. I did not answer the call because I had already explained to him that he could not arrive and that I apologize, ”said the influencer.

According to the statements of a former member of ‘JB en ATV’, Robotín began to air on social networks that she was an irresponsible and ungrateful person. “She began to insult me ​​about everything, but I am not one to respond to anyone. Why give him, what to talk about? (…) She treated me the worst and supposedly put screenshots that I didn’t go to the show. I couldn’t do anything.”

After that, the comedians Dayanita and Robotín do not get along at all behind the screens. In fact, they don’t even speak to each other when they cross paths on television channels, as the former member of ‘JB en ATV’ stated in a recent interview with ChiquiWilo.

“Not that I believe me, but where I see him I don’t greet him. It passes by my side and it’s like nothing. When they do something to me, I don’t speak anymore (…) But the one I do greet is Robotina, I say ‘Hi, how are you’ out of respect, because she has nothing to do with what happened. I am very professional”, asserted the comedian.

Dayanita is part of the ‘Circus of the Stars’. (Photo: ‘Circus of the Stars’)
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