Baldur’s Gate 3: “I had too much strength in my hand”, he stupidly ruins his character, and thousands of people laugh at him!

2023-08-25 06:00:00

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Baldur’s Gate 3 was recently released in its full version on PC, to the delight of fans of role-playing games in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. With the release of Larian’s game on PS5 fast approaching, PC gamers have already been able to explore the different classes the game offers. Among the hardest to play is the Paladin. Tied to an oath, these characters can have their adventures drastically changed if they approach the dark side. Recently, this player accidentally did the irreparable in a rather comical way!

Paladins, Light or Darkness

Paladins are one of the 12 classes present in Baldur’s Gate 3. When players create their character, they will discover that these warriors follow a true code of honor. They therefore have the choice between different oaths for their character, which will guide their destiny.

Oath of elders (preservation of good and fight against darkness) Oath of devotion (chivalry, honor and virtue) Oath of vengeance (justice above all)

But oaths also come with obligations. Finally, the paladin is always bound to help those in need, to respect the law and not to commit injustice. However, there is a fourth “hidden” subclass, the Oathbreaker. The paladin becoming a breaker of oaths will have new abilities at his disposal, such as cursing an opponent or commanding the living dead. The character joins the dark side, and no longer holds to his original oath.

Undoubtedly the most clumsy Paladin’s golden palm

It was on Reddit that this budding Paladin shared his tragic story. In Act 1, our brave hero entered a cave near the grove and fought there with goblins, whom he defeated. On the ground lay an unconscious dwarf with only one hit point. The noble knight was out of healing spells, so he had the brilliant idea to cast a healing potion on the poor dwarf’s body.

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But even as the bottle flew away, he realized he had made a terrible mistake. Because thanks to a skill called Tavern Brawler, the Paladin throws each object with great force. He realized too late that this skill also applied to healing potions. His holy Paladin, who had saved so many people, had just killed the unconscious dwarf. He thus became a murderer, by breaking his oath.

“To my horror, my devout paladin who has saved countless people has become a murderer, thus breaking his oath, because he did not adjust his strength correctly while casting a healing potion on a dwarf. ..”

u/HeyNiceGlasses via Reddit

In the comments of the Reddit post in question, the players did not hesitate to make fun. Other clumsy Paladins sympathize, and suggest that all users who accidentally broke their oath should come together to testify. We can’t wait to read them all!

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