RoCo packs his bags, after Harden he will discover Lillard

It’s not the most hyped transfer since the transfer market opened on Monday, but it’s a transfer that matters. Robert Covington, who arrived in Houston in early 2019, is moving once again to settle a little further west. Direction Oregon for RoCo.

Between Chris Paul’s transfer to Phoenix which kicked off the night yesterday and Jrue Holiday’s move to the Bucks which acted as a wake-up call this morning, the Rockets and Blazers managed to agree on a winger trade. experienced. As announced by Adrian Wojnarowski fromESPN, Robert Covington leaves Houston to join Portland, while Trevor Ariza goes the other way to find H-Town, where he played several seasons. Most importantly, the Oregon franchise has also agreed to integrate two first round picks in the deal, namely his 16th choice in the Wednesday evening Draft, as well as a first round pick protected in 2021. As indicated by Bobby Marks ofESPN, the transfer cannot be finalized for the moment because we are talking about two first-round picks over two consecutive years, and we will therefore have to wait until the 2020 Draft has passed to make it official. But it is only a matter of time.

As a reminder, at the time of the February trade deadline, Covington was at the heart of a huge transfer involving no less than four teams and 12 players, including former Houston pivot Clint Capela. The Rockets absolutely wanted to recruit him so they could play their micro-ball basketball behind James Harden and Russell Westbrook, with RoCo bringing his 3&D qualities, physique and defensive versatility. This is what Portland will recover. Clearly, Covington’s profile (29, 12.4 points, 6.6 rebounds, 1.6 interceptions, 1.3 against in 2019-20, 35.6% at 3-point career) will help the Blazers, especially in their own half, who want to maximize Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum’s best years. Dame and her friends remain on a rather complicated season with injuries and disappointing results after the Western Conference Final played in 2019, the objective is therefore to come back to the top with the current core (Dame, CJ, Jusuf Nurkic, Hassan Whiteside). However, two first round picks, we think that’s a lot. Certainly, something had to be put in the package because Ariza – if he can still serve – is already 35 years old, but still. In any case, good for Houston. We knew that the Rockets wanted to recover from the draft pick in their potential offseason transfers (they had no pick in the 2020 Draft before this transfer), it is now done. And it makes it feel a little more like Houston is heading for a rebuild after Russell Westbrook and James Harden’s move requests. We’ll see what the next steps will be in the Rockets offseason but something tells us that this exchange won’t be the last.

The Blazers recover a potentially important play for the next two years at least, the Rockets find good draft picks while welcoming a former House and a respected NBA veteran, obviously everyone is happy.

Text source: ESPN

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