Rodrigo González Acquitted in Trial Against Karen Schwarz: The Verdict and Controversy Explained

2023-09-19 20:51:45

RESOLUTION CAME OUT. Rodrigo González was described as acquitted in the trial brought against him by Karen Schwarz for alleged psychological violence by calling her a “dead fly.” The Judiciary decided to rule in favor of ‘Peluchín’ in the first instance, so the driver will have the opportunity to appeal the verdict.

Karen Schwarz and Rodrigo González

According to the tax accusation, the host of ‘Amor y Fuego’ called Karen Schwarz a “dead fly” on February 15, 2020, which would have caused users on social networks to threaten her with death and insult her massively.

“In 2020, the aforementioned defendant used her Instagram to spread a video of her where she appeared with her daughter, and placed a mocking emoticon with a “dead fly” musical background,” the document mentions, emphasizing the damage caused. against the model.

However, despite these accusations, the Court of the Fifteenth Criminal Court of Lima decided to acquit ‘Peluchín’ of the charges. It should be noted that Karen Schwarz may resubmit a motion.

It should be noted that Rodrigo González’s lawyer, Iván Paredes, previously mentioned that the complaints of gender violence against his client were archived, in reference to Cathy Sáenz and Susana Umbert.

Rodrigo González was acquitted in the trial with Karen Schwarz.


According to the court document, Karen Schwarz was psychologically affected by the alleged constant attacks that Rodrigo González made on her. We attach the following lines:

That the investigated Rodrigo González Lupis has called her a “dead fly” since 2015, which caused her to receive insults and death threats from that person’s followers. In 2020, she was pregnant, and the aforementioned defendant continued to make fun of her. she, which caused her to suffer a depression crisis, and she had to see a psychiatrist in March 2020. She states that after presenting her complaint to the authorities, the aforementioned defendant has continued to make fun of her. In October 2020, she had to block him from social networks, and received from a follower of that person a screenshot of her face and that of 3 other people with the text “their time has come.” She adds that she uploaded a video where her youngest daughter was dancing and the aforementioned investigator used that image and edited it, placing an “emoticon” over her daughter’s face and the “dead fly” musical theme in the background. She indicates that her self-esteem is affected and had a strong state of depression.


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