Mocking Gisela Valcárcel’s Money-Making Method: Hilarious Reactions and Ridicule Spread on Social Media

2023-11-04 00:46:57 Rodrigo González mocked the recent statements of Gisela Valcárcel, who shared her “theory” to generate money in an interview with host Cristian Rivero. During the interview, Gisela Valcárcel revealed her method to make more money if she didn’t have it, which generated a wave of criticism and ridicule on social networks. LOOK: Samahara … Read more

Rodrigo González Acquitted in Trial Against Karen Schwarz: The Verdict and Controversy Explained

2023-09-19 20:51:45 RESOLUTION CAME OUT. Rodrigo González was described as acquitted in the trial brought against him by Karen Schwarz for alleged psychological violence by calling her a “dead fly.” The Judiciary decided to rule in favor of ‘Peluchín’ in the first instance, so the driver will have the opportunity to appeal the verdict. Karen … Read more

Luciana Fuster’s Controversial Appearance Transformation: The Truth Behind the ‘Tweaks’

2023-08-28 04:20:58 FIRE! Luciana Fuster has been the object of media attention once again, after the cameras of the “Amor y Fuego” program appeared to reveal an alleged change in her appearance during a party she attended. This occurs after the young woman has repeatedly denied having undergone any aesthetic procedure. Trome|Luciana Fuster shows her … Read more

“Mark Vito speaks for the first time after his separation from Keiko Fujimori and flirts with Milett Figueroa on ‘El Gran Chef Famosos’ – Latest updates and news”

2023-05-08 04:06:27 Mark Vitowho has unleashed fury in the social networks Due to his impressive physical change, he spoke for the first time about his sentimental situation after his separation from Keiko Fujimorimother of his two daughters. MIRA: Jossmery Toledo unleashes ridicule by showing off surrounded by excessive security despite the fact that no one … Read more

Rodrigo González Luciana Fuster Miss Peru: “She doesn’t measure up, she’s a common beauty” | entertainment-celebs-peru-miss universe | SHOWS

The host of “Amor y Fuego”, Rodrigo González, referred to the application of the reality girl Luciana Fuster to Miss Peru 2023. WATCH THIS: Melissa Paredes supports Luciana Fuster’s application for Miss Peru: “She has the prototype of a typical Peruvian” After the announcement of the participation of Patricio Parodi’s girlfriend in the beauty pageant … Read more

Samahara Lobatón Rodrigo González criticized the influencer’s ‘tweaks’ VIDEO “Not even the Klug’s turkey will have that much filling” Instagram Farándula | SHOWS

Samahara Lobaton He once again captured the attention of his followers on social networks after sharing some videos in which he showed the results of his new aesthetic treatments to which he underwent. READ ALSO: Gustavo Bueno rules out that Gilberto suffers from Alzheimer’s: “He has encephalopathy” Through her Instagram account, the daughter of Melissa … Read more

John Kelvin | Peluchín reveals that cumbiambero brought him gifts after an interview VIDEO: “I refused, I wouldn’t be proud” Rodrigo González farándula | SHOWS

LASHES. Rodrigo Gonzalez responded harshly to Dahlia Duran after the Cuban model complained about the interview she had John Kelvin in ‘Love and Fire’. ‘Peluchín’ assured that they never sided with the cumbiambero and that they even faced him as the aggressor that he is. READ ALSO: Luciana Fuster confident of winning Miss Peru 2023: … Read more

Patricio Álvarez sends a notarial letter to Rodrigo González for ampay to Rodrigo Cuba | Love and Fire | entertainment | SHOWS

Rodrigo Cuba y Miter’s Teeth dedicated a few minutes of their program to comment that the father and lawyer of Patrick Alvarez He sent a notarial letter to the popular Peluchín for mentioning the player’s name in the case that Rodrigo Cuba starred in a few days ago, when he was caught on a spree … Read more