Roger Larock: A Tribute to the Legend of Accordion Music and the Legacy of His Accordion School

2023-09-09 19:02:00

Son of a musician, Roger Larock played the accordion from the age of 5. Having become a strap piano virtuoso and holder of several national and international prizes in his discipline, the musician created his own accordion school in 1962, located in his village of Latinne.

Alongside the teaching of the accordion provided in the school that bears his name, Roger Larock hosted numerous balls in French-speaking Belgium, notably in his establishment “Le Troubadour”, the party room that he set up in his Braivois home.

Roger Larock died on Saturday of a heart attack at his vacation spot in the Montpellier region.

“He is a very notable personality in the world of the accordion and a man well known to everyone in our region who has left,” explained the Braiv mayor Pol Guillaume, Saturday evening at the Belga agency.

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