Royce wins! Dortmund are tired of attacking Bochum, struggling with 8 DFB-Pokal teams

German DFB-Pokal football round of 16 last Wednesday night. It’s a meeting between two Bundesliga teams between Bochum and the Vonovia Ruhr Stadion to receive the visit of Borussia Dortmund. The winner will go through to play. in the quarterfinals

In the past round, Bochum played in the last 32 teams to win. Elversberg 1-0, while the “yellow team” went on to win 2-0 over Hannover.

In this game, the home team hopes that Takuma Asano and Philipp Hofmann hunt the net, while Dortmund from Edin Turzic, the team’s trainer. Changed from a set that drove Freiburg 5-1 to 4 positions, Sebastian Haller still stood as the same target. The offensive game used Julian Brand to create a game with Jude Belling. ham

For the first 45 minutes, the game seemed to end goalless. But during the injury time, 45+1, it was the “yellow tiger” who successfully won the lead. From Manuel Reemann’s mistake, Bochum’s goalkeeper came out to cut the ball outside the box, but the moment when he threw a long ball, Emre Can picked up the ball before making a single boom in front of the goal. The ball slowly rolled before crossing the line into the goal, the type that Riemann was unable to save in time for Dortmund to advance 1-0 before the end of the first half with this score.

In the second half, in the 60th minute, the home fans shouted after receiving a penalty from the moment Anthony Locilla hit Christopher Antwi-Adje’s arm. Yellow Tiger’s Rising Star The referee pointed it out as a penalty, with VAR confirming it as well, before Kevin Stoker’s missed penalty gave Bochum a 1-1 draw with Dortmund.

But ten minutes later, “The Yellow Tigers” overtook the lead again, 2-1 from the moment when Jude Bellingham fell into the offside trap before the host fell into the frame and flowed freely. Came in front of the goal for Marco Reus to score easily.

The rest of the time, there were no additional goals. At the end of the game, Dortmund beat Bochum 2-1 and advanced to the final 8 teams successfully.

Summary of the teams that qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2022-23 DFB Pokal.

– Union Berlin (Bundesliga)

– Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)

– Eintracht Frankfurt (Bundesliga)

– RB Leipzig (Bundesliga)

– Freiburg (Bundesliga)

– Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)

– Nurnberg (Second Liga)

– Stuttgart (Bundesliga)

The lottery will take place on February 19, the quarterfinals. The competition will be held on April 4-5, 2023.

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