RPCSX: The Ultimate PS4 Emulator for PC Gaming

2023-07-03 20:15:00

Read full version 07/03/2023 23:15, Dmitry Rud PS4 emulators are not a new idea (Spine, Kyty, fpPS4, GPCS4, Orbital), but there are still no full-fledged solutions capable of running large commercial games for the Japanese console on the market . But now the developers of RPCS3 have got down to business. Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment Recall that RPCS3 has received support for more than 3.5 thousand PS3 games over 12 years of development, almost 2.5 thousand of which are in working order. The creators of the utility are going to apply the accumulated experience in RPCSX, a PS4 emulator. The idea for RPCSX came to the mind of the author of RPCS3 under the pseudonym DH at the launch of PS4, but the project was decided to be postponed until the release of PS5. In addition to DH, two other longtime RPCS3 developers, kd-11 and Nekotekina, are involved in the emulator. RPCSX is still in the early stages of development for Linux, so there is no talk of launching full-fledged PS4 games at the moment, but this is precisely the ultimate goal of the project. Image Source: Konami “Imagine your favorite game being removed from PSN (like PT) or you just don’t have access to your PS4 with TV right now. But you have a PC and just want to play the game you already own,” DH paints a picture. According to DH, the PS4 emulation is not much different from the PS3 emulation, and the GPU is actually easier to work with. The tricky part DH calls shaders, but at least this time the team has public documentation. In theory, RPCSX could help bring a range of community-favorite games locked onto PS4 to PC. These include Bloodborne, Dreams, Gravity Rush 2, inFamous: Second Son, The Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus remake and many more.
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