“RSV” opens the brutal epidemic season. 1 dead. Doctor warns children with congenital disease. Be careful.

“Doctor Jirarut” – Dr. Jirarut Chomchoey Pediatrician specializing in respiratory diseases and critical care. Maharaj Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital Post messages via facebook Jiraruj Praise by referring to the epidemic situation “RSV” which last Found 1 death It is the opening of the game in the epidemic season in the city of Korat that is very brutal. by the group that has congenital disease like this case There is a high risk of severe symptoms. If not stop this outbreak, cases 2 3 4 will definitely follow because we have child having congenital disease Many things are treated in large numbers. and this group was directly affected.

Who is at risk of experiencing severe symptoms?

– less than 1 year old
– Asthma, chronic lung disease
– congenital heart disease
– immune disorders
– neurological disorders
– Genetic disorders such as Down syndrome

child As an adult, going to school might not have a problem. Is just a little cold or just a cough with a lot of mucus, but if these children Bring the infection back to infect the children in that group. I probably don’t need to explain further. which any parent whose child has been sick with this infection would know that How much will the child suffer? If the symptoms are severe during the period COVID epidemic. We haven’t seen any children who have died. or get sick suffering from respiratory failure as often as this timeCOVID It’s already faded. It’s a good thing. But if we neglect protection and then let the virus in the respiratory system, such as “RSV” This epidemic, children in such risk groups. including the elderly There is a risk of severe illness. and died as well

At present, this infection It has been with us for many decades, not yet medicine do not have vaccine Prevention, therefore, treatment is purely supportive.

The defense is the same as before. wear a mask wash your hands Do not let children who are sick with fever enter the nursery. for older children who are sick or unwell man wearing mask washing his hands and not to touch small children or children at risk to infection with severe symptoms

Basic advice on caring for your child if infected “RSV” When infected in young children, such as under 2 years of age, if infection is suspected “RSV” and have a lot of mucus

1. Try to avoid using any type of nasal decongestant. Because the medicine will make the mucus sticky. and sticky sputum If there is an infection in the trachea The sputum is large and sticky. making it more difficult to cough out and may cause a need to go to the hospital for spraying and suctioning phlegm

2. In small children who are sick and have a history of touching patients “RSV” Obviously, if the main symptom is in the nose and throat, such as a lot of mucus, most of the cough will be from a runny nose. If you are not breathing Unnecessary nebulization of the aerosol should be avoided. because this small droplet May cause infection from the upper nasal cavity down to the lower nostril through the nebulizer Especially if the child does not cooperate in spraying. Crying or choking while spraying the more chance Infected into the lower respiratory tract

unless there are symptoms of bronchospasm wheezing from physical examination This may require the use of a nebulizer. which requested to be at the discretion of the physician caretaker at that point the important thing is should focus on clearing nasal mucus I always repeat this. as soon as the mucus

3. during the infection Don’t let it be dehydrated. try drink water or sip water frequently because dehydration It will make the mucus dry and sticky. This makes it difficult to cough up mucus. This may cause the child to be hospitalized.

4. Dealing with high fever quickly The vast majority of children are infected. “RSV” The beginning is often symptomatic. high fever which high fever will cause a higher metabolic process There is an increase in carbon dioxide If breathing is not good due to respiratory Inflammation, swelling, a lot of sputum from infection Such venting will be made worse. and may make the child’s symptoms worse It is therefore important to reduce fever. and should be done asap The method is very basic, wiping, using antipyretic drugs, paracetamol while appropriate. can alleviate the symptoms of fever It can help reduce the severity of the disease.

These four are the basic principles of care. I recommend patients And have been using it for the past 10 years that I have taken care of patients. and take care of my own children when infected If you can do everything and not get better. Has more breathlessness, dimpled breathing, eats less, refuses to eat, especially water and milk. It is recommended that you see a doctor urgently.please

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the outbreak of the virus. “RSV” In this wave, be patient. In the next 2 weeks. should start to lighten which will coincide with the semester break It is a feature that has been found for a long time.

Source: Jiraruj Praise

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