Rudkovsky was handed suspicion at the airport

Ex-Minister of Transport Nikolai Rudkovsky said that he had returned to Ukraine and congratulated his mother on her birthday. According to media reports, he was personally announced about suspicion in the case of the kidnapping in 2012 of the then head of the company “Neftegazvydobuvannya” Oleg Seminsky.

On March 3, ex-Minister of Transport and Communications Nikolai Rudkovsky was handed a message about suspicion in the case of the kidnapping in 2012 of the then head of the company “Oil and Gas Production” Oleg Seminsky, who is now the people’s deputy from the “Servant of the People”.

About this, referring to the sources, wrote “Ukrainian truth”.

“At the Boryspil airport, the prosecutor of the Office of the Prosecutor General, the former Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine, was handed a notice of suspicion and a petition to choose a preventive measure in the form of detention, which was sent to the Pechersky District Court,” the Office of the Prosecutor General said.gentstvu UNN.

The UCP did not name Rudkovsky’s name, but the agency’s sources also say that they are talking about him.

The ex-minister himself reported on Facebook that he returned to Ukraine and congratulated his mother on her birthday.

Neftegazvydobuvannya is the largest private gas production company in Ukraine, developing licensed areas at two fields in the Poltava region. According to the investigation, the distribution of the company’s profits happened proportionally according to the scheme: Rudkovsky – 60%, People’s Deputy Nestor Shufrich – 30%, Seminsky – 10%.

In February 2012, Seminsky left work, got into a rigged traffic accident and was kidnapped by unknown armed men wearing masks. After the abduction of the head of the board, a conflict arose between Rudkovsky and Shufrich regarding the further redistribution of shares.

Seminsky, already reported missing by the court, was released in May 2015. June 2, 2015 DTEK press service statedthat Seminsky is alive, is in Kiev and has no property or other claims against the private joint stock company Naftogazvydobuvannya.

On February 25, 2021, the SBU announced that uncovered the abduction of Seminsky… According to the investigation, the former head “Neftegazvydobuvannya ” was held in inhuman conditions, systematically tortured and demanded from him and his relatives to pay a non-existent debt in the amount of $ 200 million. Rudkovsky is considered the customer. FROMAccording to the findings of the investigation, the abduction was conceived for the raider seizure of the company and the seizure of shares of the head of the board of Neftegazvydobuvannya.

As part of the proceedings, five persons, including the alleged customer, were informed of suspicion of involvement in crimes under Art. 127 (torture), Art. 146 (kidnapping) and Art. 189 (extortion) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Seminsky has repeatedly argued that the customer of his abduction was Rudkovsky. Former minister declaresthat Seminsky – “an ordinary blackmailer, racketeer and criminal who is now engaged in extortion “and has never been a shareholder of the company. He says he was not involved in the kidnapping.


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