Rumor: “iPhones 15” will have 15W wireless charging with uncertified accessories

2023-05-24 12:09:02

Earlier this year, we commented that the next generation of Qi pattern will incorporate the technology MagSafefrom Apple, taking it to even more devices and accessories, as well as providing a huge boost in efficiency.

In addition to these advantages, however, the protocol Qi2 may allow the “iPhones 15” be recharged at maximum wireless power (15W) with uncertified adapters — something that currently only happens with Apple or third-party options that are MagSafe certified.

Information is from a Weibo post replicated by user known as “yeux1122” (which is not exactly a leaker, as he only divulges speculation from other sources). As highlighted by MacRumorsthere is not much information about the source of the rumor itself, but the possibility makes sense, taking into account precisely the implementation of the new protocol of the Qi2 protocol.

On the other hand, the possibility goes against what Apple will be able to do with the implementation of the port USB-C of the “iPhones 15”, as limitations are expected regarding the use of third-party accessories without certification MFiMade for iPhone, iPad, iPod…“>1 — something that has already become a reason for “scolding” by the European Union.

Smartphones and chargers with Qi2 support are expected to be made available sometime in the second half of this year — when the “iPhones 15” are also expected.

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