Rumors Ending Station “Big bone soup and soy milk are calcium supplements?Dietitian Debunks Myths With Calcium Levels

Liao Minhan pointed out that the calcium content of big bone soup is very low, and soy milk is made from soybeans and a lot of water, so the calcium content is not high. (Picture taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]It is rumored on the Internet that bone soup and soy milk are holy products of calcium supplements, but in fact it may not be the case. Nutritionist Liao Minhan posted on Facebook fan page “Ruby Rabbit/NutritionistThe article pointed out that the calcium content of bone broth is really very low, and soy milk is made from soybeans and a lot of water, so the calcium content is not high. She also answered the calcium content of common foods and the small steps that need to be paid attention to when supplementing calcium.

Calcium content dispels the myth

Liao Minhan reminded that drinking more milk is not the better. 1-2 cups (240 ml per cup) of dairy products per day can meet half of our daily calcium needs.

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Bone Broth:Calcium 0.4 mg.

●Soy milk (with sugar):Calcium 15 mg.

●Soy milk (sugar-free):Calcium 14 mg.

Black soy milk:Calcium 3 mg.

●Full-fat fresh milk:Calcium 104 mg.

●Low-fat fresh milk:Calcium 98 mg.

Calcium supplements are not only looking for “high calcium”, but also pay attention to matching, and absorb calcium more efficiently

Substances that help calcium absorption:

Acidic environment (vitamin C, lactic acid, stomach acid, etc.):For example, cooking with lemon juice, adding vinegar to dishes, and eating fruit after meals can help absorb calcium.

● Vitamin D (sun exposure, food, supplements, etc.):Moderate sun exposure every day allows the body to synthesize vitamin D. In addition, vitamin D-rich foods and supplements can also help calcium absorption.

● presence of lactose (eg milk):The presence of lactose can promote calcium absorption, which is why the calcium utilization rate in milk is higher.

Substances that hinder calcium absorption:

●Minerals compete with each other for absorption (eg iron, phosphorus, etc.):When the content of phosphorus in the diet is too high, it will affect the absorption of calcium, and calcium and iron will also compete with each other for absorption. Therefore, it is best to avoid eating high-calcium foods with high-phosphorus and high-iron foods.

●Fiber, oxalic acid, phytic acid (common composition of plants):Excessive fiber will affect the absorption of calcium in the intestinal tract, and oxalic acid and phytic acid will form calcium salts with calcium and affect the absorption.

●Tannin (a type of polyphenol):Tannins actually hinder the absorption of calcium, so beverages such as coffee and tea with high tannin content are best avoided with high-calcium foods.

Liao Minhan further added that the legend is still just a legend. It is recommended that daily calcium supplementation should be supplemented by milk, dried bean curd, amaranth and other foods that can be eaten in larger amounts at one time to avoid excessive intake of extra calories.

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