“Rumors of Fight Between Player and Coach in Unión Magdalena-Millonarios Match: What Really Happened?”

2023-04-24 01:06:49

Carlos Antonio Vélez mentioned in the broadcast the alleged fight between the player and the coach.

Ricardo ‘Caballo’ Marquez He was one of the great absentees in the tie (1-1) between Unión Magdalena and Millonarios this Sunday for date 15 of the Betplay League I-2023.

The player with a past in Millionaires was not even among those called up for this match, and according to rumors in the local press, he had a fight with his coach. The journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez referred to the issue during the game and insisted that Claudio Sergio Rodríguez had a bruise on his face.

In the middle of the Win Sports + broadcast, Vélez said that Ricardo ‘Caballo’ Márquez had a fight with coach Claudio Sergio Rodríguez and that it would be the reason why he was not in front of Millonarios.

“Professor Claudio has a blow to the left eye. How special. We are talking about a fight or a conflict and it appears… it can happen to one to get up at night, a closed door, of course,” was the comment from Vélez who was insistent until the end of the game.

Meanwhile, journalist José González reported from the ground floor that this is the unofficial information circulating in Santa Marta. There are versions about a fight between the ‘Horse’ and the coach, but that “in the official team they have said that it was due to technical disposition”.

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