Russia and Ukraine: Putin meets with the Chinese foreign minister, coinciding with Biden’s assertion that Washington will “defend every inch of NATO”

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Putin said that relations with China are developing well

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, met with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, who is currently visiting Moscow, coinciding with the meeting of the US President, Joe Biden, with the leaders of Eastern European countries.

Putin announced during the meeting that Chinese President Xi Jinping would visit Russia, adding that relations had reached a “new frontier”, amid US fears that Beijing might provide material support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Putin called the volume of bilateral trade better than expected and said it could record $200 billion annually, up from $185 billion in 2022.

China supported Putin during the conflict in Ukraine, resisted Western pressure to isolate Moscow, Sino-Russian trade has grown since the invasion of Ukraine, and Russia has boosted oil exports to Asian countries, including China.

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