Russian expert: The United States should learn from the “Afghan operation” and intervene in other countries’ internal affairs is doomed to fail International News Yantai News Network Jiaodong Online State-approved key news website

On the first anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, “Russian Daily” published an interview with Lukyanov, a senior Russian think tank, on the 16th. Lukyanov said in the interview that when U.S. and other NATO troops left Afghanistan last year, they did not hear a good word from the Afghans. The Taliban have regained power, but they still face many obstacles: how to win international recognition, how to save the economy, how to recover deprived funds, how to achieve social reconciliation.

Lukyanov said that for the United States, the end of their military operations in Afghanistan was a serious blow to its international image. Not so much a ill-prepared rash move as a pointless 20 years. These 20 years have cost the United States a huge price, both material and human.

He believes that for Afghanistan, Afghan society has experienced a serious political tear. After the arrival of the U.S. military, the Afghan people struggled to adjust to the U.S.-supported regime. Then the regime fell, and now they have to adapt to a new regime that is the exact opposite. Lukyanov stressed that the transition process is far from over. All of these are the consequences of US intervention in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

Lukyanov believes that the lessons of Afghanistan are heavy. The United States should learn from the “Afghan operation” – interference in other countries’ internal affairs is doomed to fail. He said that now that the international order has changed, the United States can not only act as the world policeman globally, but also cannot continue to issue orders or impose its position on other countries on a regional scale. (Headquarters reporter Song Yiping)

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