Russia’s Ban on Gender Reassignment Surgery: Impact on Transgender Community and Human Rights

2023-07-16 11:12:56

Moscow: Russia bans sex reassignment surgery for transgenders. The Russian Parliament passed the new law the other day. A new bill banning LGBT gender reassignment was first introduced in the Russian parliament’s lower house, the Gosduma.

The ban will become official law in Russia if it receives approval from the upper house, the Federation Council, and President Vladimir Putin. The new law also prohibits changing gender in government documents. Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said the law is to protect our children and citizens.

Volodin said that sex reassignment surgery would be the path to the country’s destruction. “We are the only European country that opposes this kind of thing happening all over Europe. We will do everything to protect our families and traditional values. “We need to realize that if we do not bring this law and ban sex change, our future will be at risk,” he added.

The bill passed the Gosduma with a few amendments. The amendment prohibits the adoption of children by transgender people. If one of the partners has changed sex, their marriage will be void.

At the same time, LGBT activists have criticized the law as having serious consequences for the health of the transgender community. Yulia Alyoshina, the only Russian politician to go public with her trans identity, accused the government of trying to suppress a small community already suffering discrimination and trauma.

Yan Dvorkin, the head of Center T, a group working for the Russian transgender community, responded that this law is completely fascist in nature. Medical care and basic rights of the people have been taken away. He also pointed out that it is an act of psychologically destroying the transgender community.

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Official figures show that between 2016 and 2022, 2,990 people legally underwent gender reassignment surgery in Russia, a country of 14 million people. Earlier, the Russian parliament passed a law banning the public display of LGBT culture in public. According to the law, a fine of 4 lakh rubles (Rs 3.63 lakh) will be imposed on individuals and 50 lakh rubles (Rs 45.47 lakh) on organizations promoting non-traditional sexual relations.

Summary: Russian parliament bans gender reassignment surgery for trans people

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