Saberugen’s Sensational Victory: German Cup Upsets and Celebrations!

2023-12-07 02:02:13

The German Cup went crazy! Saberugen from Group C: Celebrating like a beast (picture alliance via Getty Images)

[Now Sports]The German Cup is full of upsets. After defeating Bayern Munich in the last round, the Group C team Saberugen defeated Frankfurt again to advance to the top 8. Now there are only 3 Bundesliga teams left in the top 8. Saberugen faced Frankfurt in the round of 16. Buenka scored in the 64th minute, and then Kiba sealed the victory in the 78th minute. After winning 2:1 against Bayern Munich in the previous round, they successfully challenged the next level. Coach Schell, who threatened “If we don’t celebrate today, we will never celebrate” after winning against Bayern last time, expressed excitement again.

He said after the game: “It’s really crazy. We will enjoy beer tonight and celebrate like beasts.”

On the same day, Stuttgart won the battle against Dortmund 2:0. In other words, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Leipzig and Frankfurt, who were touted as favorites before the start of the game, were all disbanded. Only Stuttgart, Leverkusen and Musunga remained in the top 8. Berlin is a Bundesliga team. The top 8 will be drawn at the weekend.

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