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He premiered his retouching. He caught the attention of his followers on social networks after sharing some videos in which he showed the results of his aesthetic treatments that he underwent.

Through her Instagram account, the daughter of Melissa Klug explained that a rhinoplasty was performed and also taught the public that the size of the lips was increased.

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“Now we are going to show you everything I am going to do, she is a genius in facial harmonization”the influencer is heard saying before undergoing the changes.

Later, he posted another story in which he shared a video. Abel Lobatón’s daughter assured that she was quite satisfied with her new appearance.

“I loved my rhinoplasty and lips,” Samahara said in the video.


A few weeks ago, last November, Samahara Lobatón announced through her Instagram account that she would soon leave the country with her daughter.

At that time, he indicated that he would finish off a large part of his things. “We want to tell you that we are moving to another country and we are selling a lot of things, not only from Xianna, but from my house,” she mentioned.

However, so far he has not given a date on which he would travel with his family.


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