Samantha Jones returns in the second season of “And Just Like That”

2023-06-02 19:39:00

For many years, the performer of the role of successful PR woman Samantha Jones Kim Cattrall said she was done with “Sex and the City” and no return to “And just like that” can’t even be close.

There were several reasons for this. Conflict with Sarah Jessica Parker, desire to move on and develop in other projects. In addition, Cattrall did not like Samantha’s storyline, which the creators of the series suggested to her. According to the continuation of the story, the heroine began a kind of correspondence relationship with Miranda’s underage son.

In a word, the return did not grow together. Nevertheless, Samantha appeared in the first season of “And Just Like That” – according to the plot, Carrie Bradshaw exchanges rare messages with her, since the heroines also have a strained relationship on the screen.

But in the second season, everything will change. Partly. Variety reports that Samantha Jones will appear in the sequel. True, this will not be a full-fledged return, but a cameo: a small fragment in which the heroine is talking on the phone with Carrie. It was filmed taking into account the previously mentioned conflict, without the participation of Sarah Jessica Parker, other co-stars and even showrunner Michael Patrick King.

The premiere of the second season of “And just like that” – June 22.

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