Samsung updates monitor lineup with 27″ and 32″ options

2023-05-24 15:15:30

A Samsung recently detailed some specifications of its renewed line of external monitors Smart Monitorincluding the models M5, M7 and M8 — which had already been announced at CES 2023.

The complete line is made up of models available in sizes of 32 inches (M8 and M7) and 27″ (M5), all with a refresh rate of 60Hz, as we will see in more detail below.

Smart Monitor M8

Known for its resemblance to the 24″ iMacthe new Smart Monitor M8 has the same slim design (about 11.4mm thick) and can now swivel vertically to display long documents.

The 4K display (3840×2160 pixels) is the most capable of the trio with a typical 400 nits brightness and unprecedented HDR10+ support, plus it has a (removable) webcam and SmartThings hub built-in (just like the previous model).

There is also support for voice control via Alexa and / or Bixby, as well as AirPlay. In terms of connectivity, the monitor has an HDMI 2.0 input, a USB-C port with charging up to 65W and two USB-A ports.

The new Smart Monitor M8 will be available starting in June for US$650 (27″ model) and US$700 (32″ model), in warm white, light blue, pink and spring green.

Smart Monitor M7

The Smart Monitor M7, on the other hand, is aimed at users who want the design of the M8, but without so many extras. It ditches the built-in webcam (although you can still purchase that separately) and the SmartThings hub, but retains support for virtual assistants.

Also, you’ll have to make do with the maximum brightness of 300 nits and support for regular HDR10. On the other hand, just like the more expensive model, you get a 4K resolution monitor and the same port/input options.

Smart Monitor M7

Prices are also more affordable, starting at US$550 for the 27″ model and US$600 for the 32″ model. It will be available in white and black and also only from June.

Smart Monitor M5

Finally, the new Smart Monitor M5 arrives for just the basics. It has a 1080p display with 250 nits brightness. Inputs are also limited to two HDMI 1.4 connectors and a pair of USB-A ports.

Smart Monitor M5

The M5 is definitely the more affordable option, starting at US$280 for the 27″ model and US$300 for the 32″ version, both in white and black.

My Contents

It’s worth noting that all of the aforementioned models also come with a new software feature called My Contentswhich makes it possible for the displays to detect nearby compatible smartphones via Bluetooth to show calendars, photos and other useful content.

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