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2024-02-22 07:33:29

Santosh Trophy Football: Kerala win first match (3–1) – Santosh Trophy Football: Kerala win first match | Malayalam News, Sports News | Manorama Online | Manorama News

When the ball hit by K. Abdurahim rounded the corner like a Formula One car, Assam unknowingly said ‘hey prabhu ye kya hua’. Not only the goal hua, but also the approximate shape of the upcoming match result was revealed. Kerala has crossed the first hurdle of Assam in the Santosh Trophy final round. Score: Kerala –3, Assam–1. including happiness; Let it be non-stop! E. Sajeesh (67th minute) and Captain Nijo Gilbert (90+5) are the other scorers for Kerala. Assam’s consolation goal was scored by Dipu Mridha (77th minute). Kerala’s next match is against Goa tomorrow at 7 pm.

Wonder goal

With a strong line-up including 2 ex-ISL players, UPIA went into battle against Assam Kerala at the Golden Jubilee Stadium. Assam’s plans to dominate the midfield by fielding 5 midfielders failed early on. The ball and the strategy were in Kerala’s feet. Kerala’s first goal came in the 19th minute after some good progress. Nijo Gilbert’s attempt to clear the cross from the left wing hit Mohammad Ashiq’s leg and went in front of K. Abdurahim. The ball curled and penetrated the left side of the net.

Team goal

Just 7 touch. That was all it took for the most beautiful team goal of the match. On the left wing, starting from Kerala’s defender Muhammad Salim, through Nijo Gilbert and Muhammad Ashiq, when the ball reached E. Sajeesh, there was only a need to put a foot. Kerala’s second goal was scored in the 67th minute when Sajeesh did exactly that. At the beginning of the second half, the Assam players controlled the field with a quick move. Kerala’s second goal came when they were worried that the game would be lost if they hung on to one goal.

Captain’s Touch

Former ISL player Dipu Mridha scored a goal in the 77th minute as Assam stepped up their attack. They had good chances later but couldn’t score. Finally, just before the final whistle, Captain Nijo Gilbert scored a goal and the scoreboard was complete (3-1).

First goal; Malayali too

Itanagal ∙ In the 77th Santosh Trophy final round, the first goal was scored from the boot of the Malayali. In the match against Meghalaya yesterday morning, services’ Malayalam star P.P. Shafeel scored the goal through penalty. Shafeel Services got their first win in the match which was a goalless draw with a penalty in injury time. Shafeel, a native of Kappakal, Kozhikode, is a Havildar in the Army. He gets into football through the Kozhikode Corporation Football Academy. He is the son of PP Alikoya and V. Suhra. There are six Malayali players in the services team.

Cold and turf challenge

Yellow and red alerts come in our country only when there is rain and sun. But Arunachal Pradesh will have to be included in the cold weather warning category. The weather here is a red alert for the players who have come from South India. The temperature was 20 degrees Celsius at 2.30 pm when Kerala’s match started yesterday. It was down to 19 at half time. The stadium at Upia is located at an altitude of about 217 meters above sea level. The weather and the game at altitude are testing the athleticism of the Kerala players. Yesterday’s first match is an example of that. Also, the Kerala players were finding it difficult to calculate the speed and accuracy of the ball in the match being played on the artificial grass field (turf).

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Santosh Trophy Football: Kerala win first match

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