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2023-06-25 10:17:00

▲SYM Sanyang recently sent a new JET SL 158c.c. car for testing, and the relevant results were thundered in advance by the website of the Energy Bureau. (Picture/data photo)

Reporter Zhang Qinghui / comprehensive report

Since SYM Sanyang launched the JET car series, it has quickly become a powerful force in the domestic scooter field. So far, no one has been able to surpass the thunder pool. However, SYM has not stopped because of this, but continues to improve the strength of the JET car series, especially After launching the water-cooled engine JET SL 125, some players found that the cylinder bank of DRG can be directly used to increase the displacement to 158c.c. The “quantity upgrade” model has been thunderstormed by the Energy Bureau in advance!

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▲ Judging from the relevant information of the energy-saving certification mark, it is almost certain that Sanyang will soon launch a large displacement version of the JET SL. (Picture / Taken from Energy Bureau)

Recently, in the product search engine of the energy-saving label of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a Sanyang car model code-named “FK16WA” and model JET SL appeared. It has obtained the relevant certificate on June 20, and the total displacement is also marked as 158c.c., its average fuel consumption performance of 43.8km/L is slightly better than the sports car model DRG/MMBCU using the same power unit precisely because of the sporty and compact configuration that gives it the advantage of lighter vehicle weight.

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▲Although there are many JET SL packages that use DRG original parts to upgrade 158c.c., there are still certain risks in disassembling and assembling the engine. (Picture/data photo)

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In fact, as early as the beginning of the JET SL model, some players have discovered that the original cylinder bank and peripherals of DRG can be directly used, and with the fuel supply computer of DRG, the displacement can be increased to 158c easily and with low risk. c., to obtain a more abundant power output; however, even if the original parts are used in the upgrade process, there are still certain risks involved in the modification method of “removing the engine”, which also deters some players, and now the original factory directly launches JET SL 158c.c. is expected to attract many conservative players who pursue “original style”.

▲PGO TIG focuses on 125c.c. body size and 169.5cc power. Now such a unique product positioning will be challenged by JET SL 158c.c. (Picture/data photo)

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Of course, the launch of JET SL 158c.c. model is not ruled out because the competition in the sports scooter market is more intense now. With the launch of TIG by PGO, the largest 169.5cc engine of its class brings 17.8 horsepower, plus TCS Tracking anti-slip, front and rear 12-inch tires, and sports-oriented configuration with a size similar to the 125c.c. class have indeed attracted the attention of many car fans. Now that JET SL also provides large displacement options, I believe this class The market conditions will be more lively.

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