Sasha Savelyeva in a white suit walked with her son

Ex-soloist of the Fabrika group Sasha Savelyeva for many years she has been happily married to Kirill Safonov. They are raising their son Leon, who is already 2.5 years old. Artist does not show the baby’s face to the public, but often talks about him in his microblog. This time Sasha posted a photo from the walk.

Portal expert, stylist Diana Kutepova noted that Savelyeva’s image turned out to be stylish and very good, but there is still a slight fragmentation in the elements.

Sasha Savelyeva. Screenshot:

“The suit looks great and goes well with Alexandra, it is classified as a natural style. The Gucci bag is an accent in this look, it already has a mixture of styles – boho, dramatic and designer. In my opinion, she is a bit heavy for such a suit. A string bag is perfect here. I would also like to note that the bag and shoes complement each other perfectly. The decoration is matched to the theme. The image as a whole is not ultra-trendy, but definitely relevant, since such costumes will be with us for a long time, ”said Kutepova. help

Diana Kutepova – Personal stylist and Fashion photography producer. She studied at the Self made school on a personal styling course with Tatiana Nikeytseva. Additionally, she took a course on the basics of stylistics and men’s styling with Leysan Usmanova. Also Karina Nigai Fashion blogger has a course. Work experience about three years.

Diana Kutepova
Diana Kutepova. Photo: personal archive

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