Saudi “Razan Al-Ajmi” narrates her experience in learning to skydive free…and the reason for entering this field • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Saudi Arabia, “Razan Al-Ajmi”, revealed the beginning of learning to skydive freestyle, until she became the first Saudi woman to obtain a free skydiving license, and holds the certificate of the first trainer between men and women for this sport, which qualified her to move recently to work in the “Super Fly” event. Boulevard World within the activities of the Riyadh season.

Razan said, during a media report to Al-Ikhbariya channel, “I have been practicing this sport for a year and a half. I started by skydiving from an airplane, and this was the first time I entered this field.”

And she continued, after that I discovered that there is something called “the practice of flying in the inner wind tunnel”, and this helped me a lot to develop my skills faster and advance, to be a trainer in this field.

Razan added, before that I was in the sport of mountaineering in the field of adventure for 5 years, and when I discovered the sport of free jumping, and tried it, the passion increased and I enjoyed it more and broke barriers many times and this is something that motivated me to continue.

And Razan added: “The first jump I made was in the sky of Saudi Arabia, and after that I had to travel because there were no possibilities for learning and the presence of trainers to learn from abroad.”

At the end of the report, the report indicated that Razan seeks to establish a paragliding club in the Kingdom during the coming period to increase the number of practitioners of this sport in Saudi Arabia.

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