Sawsan Arshid reveals a private photo she collected with her younger brother Mega

Yesterday, Friday evening, the Syrian artist, Sawsan Arsheed, celebrated the birthday of her brother, the model and young singer Mega Arshid, by sharing a new photo that she collected through the short stories feature attached to her personal account on a social networking site.

In it, the Syrian star appeared while sitting in hot shorts on her younger brother’s lap, and the smile adorned their faces, and the actress residing abroad expressed her strong feelings towards Mega through a brief comment, which she wrote on the post via the Instagram application.

Sawsan Arsheed

In his text, she wrote: “Happy birthday to you megti The little one.. the time I came to this world today.. I saw your white and shining face.. I felt you my son and I carried you with my hands and no longer left you.. Even Mama took the time with her to convince me that you are the son of life and I should not fear for you, this cod.. and I will not protect you. .

And she continued, “I have to trust life.. It was never easy.. But it became my companion and my brother, not only my son.. It is a new year in your life to come.. I hope it brings you safety and love.. and many discoveries.. And your talent will grow.”

The star of the series “Kasr al-Khawatir” explained the reasons for her last wish for her brother: “Because it is a gift from heaven, so love and take care of it… and life takes care of the rest.”

Sawsan Arsheed opposes harassment and honor killings

The Syrian star had recently urged women to come out against the outdated ideas that link their existence and lack of it to the word “honour”, stressing that these ideas equate the victim with the executioner, and prevent retribution and reduce violence and abuse against women.

Where she wrote in a brief post via the short story feature attached to her personal account on a social networking site: “They are victims of the legacy cultural The masculine one who equates them with the executioner, the criminal, the rapist.”

And she continued, “The patriarchal society that links honor with women, I don’t know why it doesn’t link honor with work, honesty and honesty, for example, it considers women a disgrace and could kill her.”

And that was before she called on women to rebel against the outdated ideas and values ​​established by the ignorant of thought and the sons of extremism.

Commenting: “Now we must say stop injustice to women, now you must not fall victim to silence for the second time.. You must demand that society stand by you, protect you, support you, and hold the executioner accountable. It is time for you to say I will not be silent.”

Sawsan Arsheed’s work

On the artistic front, Sawsan Arsheed’s latest work was The Day I Lost My Shadow, for which she won the Best Actress Award at the Vancouver Film Festival.

Sawsan Arsheed starred alongside a group of Syrian art and drama stars, headed by: “Samer Ismail, Owais Makhlati, Reham Al-Qassar, Yara Ibrahim, Nour Maghout”, and the work was written and directed by Soudad Kanaan.

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