Hey Tyre:: A great danger threatens the health of the Lebanese!!!

A great danger threatens the health of the Lebanese!!!
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Karim Jbara, the Syndicate of Drug Importers and Warehouse Owners in Lebanon, said that the “illegal drug” market today constitutes an important part of the imported drug market in Lebanon, considering that this matter is considered very dangerous to the health of the citizen, as “bag dealers” work within networks organisation.
In an interview with An-Nahar newspaper, Jabara saw that “the solution lies in putting an end to the black market and the sale of illegal medicine in Lebanon, by filling the void resulting from the discontinuation of medicine in the Lebanese market,” and added: “Smuggling networks have contributed to the growth of the market.” There are organized networks that make continuous trips abroad to secure medicines and bring them into Lebanon without the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health, Customs and the Pharmacists Syndicate.”
Jabara stressed that “the solution currently required is either to raise the budget allocated for importing subsidized medicines for chronic and incurable diseases,” acknowledging that this is currently difficult as a result of the liquidity crisis, but the Ministry of Public Health is working hard to secure it, or to allow companies to import subsidized medicines in Lebanon without Its import is partially subsidized and sold in cash dollars to those who currently buy medicines in cash from Turkey or from smugglers.
He concluded: “This matter contributes to covering a large part of the demand for the cut drugs that Lebanese patients are currently resorting to abroad to buy, without any oversight.”

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