Work in! Influenza foodie girl peculiar show Eat a whole shark (with clip)

It has become a hot topic! When a young blogger eats all sorts of strange dishes. From Dou Yin (Tik Tok Chinese Version) Channel “Tizhi” (提子) Who has about 1 million followers has made a clip of eating sharks whole. Which is believed to be a “great white shark”, a level 2 protected animal in China until it has been criticized on social media.

The video clip was posted. A picture of a young eater was released on Tuesday (July 12) when she took a giant shark weighing more than 50 kilograms from a shop in a seafood market in Nanchang, Sichuan Province.

Shark and Thi Zhi  (Photo from Chinese media :
She divided the shark into two parts, with the head used to make a menu. “Xiang La Cha Yu” (香辣鲨鱼, similar to shark ma soup) and the tail used to make a menu. “Cha Yu knee” (烤鲨鱼 Grilled shark) ready to eat the show with gusto

Grilled shark fins  (Photo from Chinese media :
But after the video clip was released It has become widely criticized. Especially when the chairman of the Chinese Fisheries Association’s Committee on Aquatic Organisms and Aquatic Ecology commented: Such sharks may be “White Shark” which is not only a national protected animal It is also one of the marine animals that are watched all over the world because they are on the verge of extinction.

Later, “Thi Zhi” and his staff came out to respond to the issue. The shark shown in the clip is another shark species. Definitely not a great white shark. And they are also looking for lawyers to prosecute those who have damaged their reputations.

However, the shop in the market where Ti Zhi’s channel was used for filming has denied that the shark in the video clip came from their shop, and said it’s usually when an Internet celebrity comes to shoot the clip. They often prepare their own ingredients. Only occasionally came to buy raw materials in the market.

Dou Yun Account (Tik Tok Chinese Version)Tizhi ​​Channel  which is currently suspended  (Photo from Chinese media :
Recently, the blogger’s Tik Tok account has been suspended, and the police are aware of the incident and are currently investigating.

Source: The police are involved! Internet celebrities use endangered sharks for food? What does edible shark meat taste like? (SOHU)
A million-fan internet celebrity blogger suspected of cooking a shark was reported by the person who responded: “It’s a sharp-toothed shark, and the channel is regular” (SOHU)
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