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The AFP retreat It has been carried out since last Monday, June 13, therefore, the contributors continue to present their applications through the platform of the Superintendence of Banks and Insurance (SBS) to be able to have up to 18,400 soles in their bank accounts next month

This Thursday, June 30, the turn continues for the contributors who have their DNI ending in 3, because according to the withdrawal schedule, that date corresponds to them. In this note of TRADE Know all the details to be able to make the AFP withdrawal.

Retreat Schedule, AFP

Contributors to the pension fund must submit an AFP withdrawal request to be able to dispose of the money saved in their years of work. To do this, you must take into account the application schedule published by the Superintendence of Banks and Insurance (SBS), since everything will depend on the last number of the DNI.

Application schedule for the new voluntary withdrawal of up to 4 UITs (Photo: Prima AFP)

How to submit my withdrawal request

If you want to withdraw up to 18,400 soles from your AFP (or the amount you have in your fund), you must take into account the withdrawal schedule to submit your request, taking into account the last digit of your DNI:

Then, you must submit your withdrawal request, for the only time, from June 13 on the page There you must enter the bank account number where you want the AFP to deposit the withdrawn fund.

The account can be from any of these banking entities: BanBif, BBVA, BCP, Banco de Comercio, Banco GNB, Banco Ripley, Caja Huancayo, Caja Sullana, Interbank, Scotiabank and Banco de la Nación (exclusive for members who live in areas where only have access to that bank). The maximum period for submitting applications is 90 calendar days, so it will expire on September 10.

When do I have to submit my application?

The AFP withdrawal must be made according to the contributor’s DNI number, since the Superintendence of Banks and Insurance launched a schedule of dates indicating the exact days to send the withdrawal request.

This Thursday, June 30, it is the turn of the affiliates who have their DNI ending in 3, because due to the June 29 holiday, the SBS website was not available. This Thursday, July 30 and Friday, July 1, you can send a withdrawal request if your ID ends in number 3.

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