Scherer and Nieto reject accusations of Juan Collado

Lawyer Juan Collado Mocelo -detained since 2019 for the crimes of money laundering and organized crime– denounced the former legal adviser of the Presidency, Julio Scherer Ibarraas well as three more lawyers and a financial operator for the crimes of extortion, criminal association, money laundering and influence peddling, according to the newspaper Reforma published this Sunday.

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In response, Scherer Ibarra denied the accusations of an alleged extortion carried out by lawyers “close” to him against Juan Colladoin addition to stating that he does not know him personally.

Via Twitter, Scherer acknowledged having received the children of Juan Collado“at their express request” and pointed out that he turned to the FGR the matter of the lawyer arrested by money laundering and organized crime.

“I do not know Mr. Collado personally, nor am I aware of his conversations with his lawyers. Everything else is bad faith inferences,” the former official wrote.

For his part, the former head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), Santiago Nieto, also denied that during his administration they closed files related to Collado.

“Regarding the recent publication in some media, I categorically point out that during my tenure at the head of the FIU no files were closed against any person. In fact, institutionally I filed two complaints against Juan Collado one on 07/04/19 and another on 09/03/20,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

This Sunday, the newspaper Reforma published the complaint de Collado in which the lawyer details that allegedly Scherer Ibarra offered to get him a compensation agreement of 2 thousand millions of pesos to get him out of jail.

He also accuses that a group of lawyers, presumably linked to Scherer, asked him to sell Liberty Box to Banco Afirme, owned by Julio Villarreal Guajardo, allegedly a friend of the then legal adviser.

“Freedom for freedom,” lawyer Juan Antonio Araujo would have told him.

They carried out acts that had the purpose of using the Mexican State and its respective institutions, in order to deliver various amounts of money and other property of my property (…) they created a network of complicity to obtain economic benefits, “according to the complaint. diary quote

The lawyers denounced are Juan Antonio Araujo Rivapalacio, César Omar González Hernández, Isaac Pérez Rodríguez and David Gómez Arnau and it would be the reason why the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) intends to link them to their process.

The firm involved is, according to the complaintAraujo, González, Peimbert, Robledo & Carrancá (AGPR&C).

According to his own statement, Collado paid the lawyers 10 millions of pesos so that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), then headed by Santiago Grandson Castilloclose an investigation against him.

He would also have advanced 1.5 million dollars, of the 3 million requested, to defend him.

According to the newspaper, Collado presented the complaint in October 2021 to seek a criterion of opportunity, so that the FGR the criminal action against him is withdrawn, which would entail an agreement to repair the damage.


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