Screening of two films by director Evan Chamoun in Kobayat – Al-Binaa Newspaper

set up club Cinema in Lab silk heritage, casually Leffelman for the director the guy Evan Shimon Son town Kobayat, within Activities the summer that salute her board The environment Wall Salon cultural in KobayatAkkar in Presence crowd big From interested, and youth From Kobayat and And from areas Lebanese several, they presented To participate in this is festive cinematic that I started attract President the art seventh and love.

beginning It was Show for the film shortHurry sleepthat Umbilical cord awards several, and he touches to me Knot Oedipus when guy in twenty From his age Try with help (Mother fictional) Prevent his mom From marriage From her lover. Discipline Then Discussion Around the film and the contract Mental that touched to her.

then It was Show for the film short Secondexperiencethat photo in Kobayat, and he eating a story guy aspire to me study Rights but And because of Difficulties Economic and financial did not can Investigation teat found why in trade weapons.

this and read out the offer Discussion From Before Attendees with director that Foot explanation for an idea the two films Will see him and experience cinematic and his plans future, And he said: “that Kobayat town inspirational Which limit itself studio big allowed from the photography his movie”.

It was a note by the participants in the discussion about the emerging talent, and a reminder by the organizers of the expected big date, which is the Reef Festival, Environmental and Film Days, from 1 to 4 September.

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