Screens can make our children sick

2023-05-30 04:30:00

New studies highlight the vulnerability of children and adolescents to the intensive use of technological devices that involve screens, such as cell phones and tablets.

Not only because they can access inappropriate content for their age or be deceived by adults who pretend to be peers, and thus suffer harassment or manipulation. What is at stake is specifically their health, according to specialists.

The highest authority on Public Health in the United States reported on the risk that social networks represent for the mental health of children and adolescents, since they use them “almost constantly.”

It may seem like an exaggeration, but it is not. The Argentine Society of Pediatrics has had a subcommittee for some time to study how information and communication technologies (ICT) impact the health of minors.

This entity verified, for example, that young people do not usually associate their physical and mental symptoms with the use of social networks in medical consultations. But when the professional inquires about the matter, an improper use is noticed that causes innumerable and important disorders.

This list highlights visual disturbances, joint pain, headaches, mood swings, behavioral disorders, hyperactivity, failures in socialization, isolation behaviors, depression or anxiety, and some symptoms linked to a sedentary lifestyle, such as being overweight or eating disorders. of the dream

It is undeniable that social networks offer us, equally and regardless of our age, immense possibilities to share aspects of our lives with others. But not all of us are aware that only what one wants to show the world is published on the networks, which are exclusively good things. When a user cannot perceive that, he tends to think that the other is happier, that he is doing better in life, which can cause low self-esteem or anguish.

Of course, prohibition is never the solution. What is suggested is, in addition to being attentive to changes in the behavior of the children, stipulating a daily use of the screens for a limited time, being able to reflect with them on the interactions that stimulate the networks and suggest activities outside of the screens.

All in all, the key point remains that we are adults, that we are the ones who put the screens in their hands. A few months ago, a survey carried out in Spain circulated that described the picture quite precisely: almost 90% of the parents of children under 18 years of age affirmed that the boys have an addiction to screens; addiction generated by parents, almost 90% responded, that they are given them to distract them; but it would not be the case of the respondents themselves, because almost 100% take measures to limit their children’s use of screens.

Obviously, it is an impossible result: almost all the fathers or mothers surveyed wanted to believe that they had done the right thing; it would be the others who make mistakes and make their children sick.

If we do not face the issue with full sincerity, we will not find a suitable solution for you.

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