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The modern drama “The Sea of ​​Stars” starring Liu Tao and Lin Feng has been well received since its launch, and it has become the first TV series of provincial satellite TV in 2021 that has an instant rating of breaking 1, and the degree of discussion is also very high, especially Lin Feng in the play. There are few “roaring” clips, the blue veins are violent, the face is hideous, and it is very stealthily. Netizens have accused him of “Ma Jingtao possessed.”

Recently, when Lin Feng was interviewed by the mainland media, he responded to the question of “Roaring”. He denied that the character in the play was Roaring Emperor, but because of a lot of emotional and family pressure, and encountered many setbacks, it led to many problems. There is an emotional outburst in the scene.

The characters in Lin Feng’s play have a lot of emotional depression. (Stills)

Although Fang Hengzhi, played by Lin Feng in the play, is a rich second-generation, his family background is complicated, he is an illegitimate child, he is not recognized by his father, and is excluded by his half brother. He does not have much desire for the family business. He is more greedy for power and still likes to fight for favor with the house. He has been forcing his son to enter the family business. Therefore, Lin Feng has endured a lot in terms of family affection and love. He even laughed and said that this drama is the most crying drama since the movie. There are too many emotional catharsis scenes and various types of crying scenes.

Raymond Lam believes that this drama is the most popular drama since the film. (Video screenshot)


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