Sebastien’s Story: Unjustly Accused Non-Drug User at Dour Festival

2023-12-11 10:02:00

In the summer of 2022, Sébastien bought a five-day pass to the Dour festival. For him, it was a good opportunity to party with his friends. There are around twenty of them who form a group of friends. The latter resort to small pills for fun. This is not the case for Sébastien.

On July 15, Sébastien was searched by the police. He had cannabis and ecstasy. A plea deal was offered to him, but he did not accept it. As a result, he finds himself before the criminal court.

Not a consumer

The little bearded guy with round glasses, who looks more like a sorcerer’s apprentice than an actor from Trainspotting, doesn’t look like a drug dealer. According to his lawyer, he does not use any drugs. “As he has a good face, his friends asked him to transport their narcotics. He accepted,” says the lawyer.

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The latter does not see the point in putting him on probation and bringing blood test results back to court, since Sébastien is not a consumer.

Why didn’t he pay the plea deal? “At the time, he was a student and had little money. Today, he has two jobs as a bartender. I propose that the court pronounce a simple suspension of the sentencing,” continues the lawyer.

The public prosecutor is not opposed to this, although he believes that this type of fact should not be trivialized. Isn’t proposing a plea deal a way of trivializing the facts? A lawyer had denounced this way of doing things in the context of another case…

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