Second lockdown in sight? Star virologists Streeck and Drosten call for “pragmatic solutions”

Virologists, politicians, citizens – everyone is discussing whether he is really coming: the second lockdown. With the increasing number of infections, among other things by Travel returner, many are wondering whether pubs, bars and restaurants will close again soon and whether workers will keep theirs Jobs fear have to. Scientists largely agree: we have to change something in the coming fall season. A psychologist explains in the video how a possible second lockdown can affect our psyche and how we can survive it better.

Before the pandemic in autumn, the virologists see a need for action

The virologist Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité had in an interview said: “The pandemic will only really start now. Here too. […] We have to change things in order to control the situation in the coming months. “

The Bonn virologist Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck assumes that the Infection numbers are increasing among other things because more is being tested. “Even back then I proposed many pragmatic solutions that we must take so that we can get through the pandemic in autumn better. That is why I was pleased that Christian Drosten has now also seen that the number of infections will rise and also says that we need pragmatic solutions. “

Streeck suggests these solutions

1.) Prof. Dr. Streeck advocates one Traffic light systemthat already exists in Belgium and Austria. It is intended to use the colors red, yellow and green to represent regional differences in the infection process. According to Streeck, the relationship between the number of infections, tests and inpatient occupancy should be included. “It would reflect that, despite the increasing number of infections at the moment, we are still in the green. […] It is therefore more important that we include all factors and not just a few, “said the virologist.

2.) Special Fever clinics should help to relieve the practices in the autumn and winter seasons. The Bonn virologist also promotes this: “The measure aims to relieve the practices and clinics so that not everyone with a cough and fever goes directly to the family doctor, for example, but there is a targeted first look at whether a Covid 19 disease present. “

3.) In addition, the scientist appeals to the citizens: One Flu shot could contain a flu wave during the pandemic. He emphasizes: “By getting the flu vaccination, you protect yourself and others. So that the flu cannot spread.” So every individual can take responsibility. And it is also what the virologist finds a good solution: we must all be more careful and be aware of our responsibility in dealing with the virus.


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