self driving minibus: driverless minivan at Qatar Foundation; The test run began

Test run for 10 days

This bus is manufactured by Yutong, a Chinese company with Level 4 technology. It does not require the driver to stop at signals, control the speed of oncoming vehicles, or overtake them. The driverless minibus will be operating on a trial basis at a distance of 3.2 km in the Qatar Foundation’s Education City. The trial run will last for 10 days, officials said. During the test phase, the speed of the bus will be 25 km per hour.

There is no driver on the bus, only the safety operator

The Autonomous Mini Bus Service operates through the Qatar National Library Metro Station, Carnegie Mellon University Campus, Texas A&M University, Qatar National Library, and Northwestern University. The driverless bus travels with the help of radars, lidars and sophisticated cameras. With the help of these, it is able to understand the obstacles in front and around and choose the path accordingly and move forward. The bus will have the services of a safety operator to take control of the bus in case of any emergency during the test period, officials said.

Test run without passengers

The bus trail will run without passengers. The Ministry of Transport has said that the first phase of the trial run aims to see if the technology in the self-driving bus is working properly. The plan is to take further steps related to such autonomous buses if the test run is successful. The experiment, which took place at Muwassalat’s headquarters before the trial run in the real environment of the Qatar Foundation, was a success.

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